The Art of Sauteing

One of the most popular ways to cook food is by sautéing, however, most do not do it correctly.  To properly saute, one must understand smoking points of oils and how much smoke rolls off of those oils when heated..  There are also several different heating elements to consider i.e. induction, gas or electric.  Induction cooking is the most even and fastest followed by gas and then electric.  If you are a professional or at least have worked in a restaurant setting you would know, hot pan and cold oil is the perfect start to sauteing anything.  For the at home cook let me be the first to tell you, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME!  If you have seen my videos or take a gander at my recipes, you will have noticed I cook mostly with olive oil.  I am comfortable with olive oil, remember this statement…

So for all of you at home, place a small amount of olive oil in your pan and place it on the burner on high heat.  Once the olive oil begins to smoke, place in your food item and turn the heat down to medium high.  Ok this is why olive oil is the most chosen by myself, olive oil smokes at roughly 375°… Now ask yourself, what is the best temperature to roast in the oven?  DING DING DING, you guessed it, 375°.  Now I am not saying you cannot use other oils because you certainly can, I just like the perfect golden brown and caramelization that olive oil at 375° has to offer.  So the next time you are looking to broil your food in the oven, have some confidence in your sauteing!

Chef Billy Parisi

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