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The Garden

In 2022 I set out to make my very first garden so that I could cultivate and harvest my own produce for the recipes I create. Little did I know how physically demanding it is to build a garden and how much maintenance is required to grow beautiful fruit and vegetables. Check out my journey below, from building my first garden with my parents last year to now using the no-till method in 2023. Who knows what I’ll try in the years to come?

I moved into my new studio in October of 2021 and never got the chance to get a garden going in the backyard. Well, that all changed this spring when I finally had the time and the “right season” to get a garden built and seeds in the ground. Little did I know it would be as challenging as it was, so I knew I had to call in the experts for professional help from my parents.

It’s my second year of planting a garden, and I decided to take the advice of my many followers and opted for the famous no-till garden. This concept seems to be foolproof, and everything I read tells me I will render excellent results without a lot of hassle.