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    Sour Cream Bundt Cake Recipe with Caramel Sauce

    Published December 7, 2018. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    This delicious Bundt cake recipe is loaded with sour cream, almonds, amaretto and is topped off with a homemade caramel sauce for an unbelievable flavor.

    Man do I love this…  I know I don’t make them often, but every day I get a little bliss.  It starts at about 5:30 in the morning and it lasts for about 90 minutes.  It’s 90 minutes of silence, still, quietness before the day starts.

    sour cream bundt cake recipe

    I usually do a little reading in the morning, reflecting, some work, all while drinking coffee and if I’m lucky enough a slice of Bundt cake.  Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my family when they wake up, but that little bit of me-time with a big hot black coffee and a delicious slice of this homemade sour cream cake is just glorious!

    Some people may think of Bundt cakes as a dessert, but to me, it’s a sweet breakfast treat!


    This is incredibly easy to make, in fact, they essentially pound cakes.  I decided with this Bundt cake recipe to add a few things to it to help flavor it and assist in making it moist and delicious.

    Adding sour cream to it significantly helps to moisten it up and provide some interesting flavor profiles.

    almond bundt cake recipe with caramel

    A huge part of the success of this lies in the flour you use.  I’m a Bob’s Red Mill guy, and their pastry flour is amazing!  It is jam-packed with protein making it ideal for cake making.  Honestly, it’s the best!

    The other flour I used was Bob’s Red Mill Almond flour because I wanted to add in some amazing almond flavor to compliment the caramel that is going on top.  Yeah, it’s good!

    I also used a bit of Amaretto to help further push that almond agenda :-).

    How to Make It

    pouring caramel on a bundt cake

    1. Making this cake all starts with creaming together your fat and sugar.
    2. Once the butter is a little light and fluffy, which usually takes about 5 minutes or so, you then add in 1 egg at a time until it’s mixed.
    3. While all those delicious things are mixing add your dry ingredients to a bowl and mix, and then you alternate your dry ingredients with the remaining wet ingredients ending with wet.

    Bundt Cake Procedures

    • Step 1: Cream together butter and sugars.
    • Step 2: Add in 1 egg at a time until combined.
    • Step 3: Mix together dry ingredients in a bowl.
    • Step 4: Alternate adding dry ingredients and wet ingredients into the creamed butter and sugar ending with wet ingredients.
    • Step 5: Transfer the batter to a Bundt cake and bake.
    • Step 6: Make your caramel sauce.
    • Step 7: Pour the caramel sauce over top of the cooled cake and serve.

    a sour cream bundt cake on a cooling rack

    Homemade Caramel Sauce

    Now because I need a runnier caramel sauce to pour over the top, we’re going to add in some evaporated milk.  I know, it sounds weird but it’s also going to help stabilized it a little bit.  Homemade caramel is super easy to make in general.

    Homemade caramel consists of brown sugar, butter, and heavy cream, that’s it.  In a simpler form sugar and butter but man I’ve burned that version way too many times.

    sliced bundt cake

    How To Serve

    There’s not much to serving this up, other than pouring the homemade caramel sauce over top.  Just simply slice and serve and you are good to go!

    homemade sour cream bundt cake with caramel sauce

    More Favorite Breakfast Recipes

    Because I love this cake for breakfast, here are a few of my favorite breakfast recipes.

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    Sour Cream Bundt Cake Recipe with Caramel Sauce

    5 from 5 votes
    This delicious Bundt cake recipe is loaded with sour cream, almonds, amaretto and is topped off with a homemade caramel sauce
    Servings: 20
    Prep Time: 15 minutes
    Cook Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
    Cooling Time: 1 hour
    Total Time: 1 hour 25 minutes


    For the Bundt Cake:

    • 1 cup of softened unsalted butter
    • 1 cup of sugar
    • 1 cup of packed light brown sugar
    • 6 large eggs
    • 2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill Pastry Flour
    • 1 ½ cups of Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour
    • ½ teaspoon of baking soda
    • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
    • pinch of sea salt
    • 1 cup of sour cream
    • 1 tablespoon of vanilla
    • 1 tablespoon of amaretto

    For the Caramel Sauce:

    • 1 cup of packed light brown sugar
    • ¼ cup of unsalted butter
    • ¼ cup of evaporated milk
    • ¼ cup of heavy whipping cream
    • ¼ teaspoon of sea salt


    • Preheat the oven to 325°.
    • Add the butter and sugars to a standing mixer with the paddle attachment and mix on high speed until light and fluffy, about 5 to 7 minutes.
    • Next, add in 1 egg at a time until combined on medium speed.
    • In a separate medium-size bowl whisk together the flours, baking soda, baking powder, and salt until combined.
    • Add ½ of the dry ingredients on low speed into the creamed butter and sugar until combined. Next, add in the sour cream followed up by adding in the rest of the dry ingredients.
    • lastly, mix in the vanilla and amaretto until combined.
    • Transfer the batter to a 10 cup Bundt pan and bake at 325° for 60 70 minutes or until browned and firm.
    • Cool completely too room temperature on a cooling rack, then remove the cake from the pan and place on a serving plate or tray.
    • Caramel: Add all of the ingredients to a medium-size pot and mix over medium heat until melted and smooth.
    • Pour the caramel over the top of the cooled bundt cake.


    Calories: 373kcalCarbohydrates: 43gProtein: 6gFat: 21gSaturated Fat: 10gCholesterol: 91mgSodium: 117mgPotassium: 162mgFiber: 2gSugar: 33gVitamin A: 549IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 91mgIron: 1mg
    Course: Breakfast, Dessert
    Cuisine: French