How to Store Fresh Herbs

101194340What I am about to write is an age old trick, so if you’ve heard this before my apologies.  I have a really quick tip for those fresh herbs users out there and how you can get the most out of them.  There is nothing better than growing and picking your own fresh herbs!  Before you decided to grow your own herbs, just know that you should keep them in pots because they will overtake your whole garden in just a few months.

Regardless if you grow your own herbs or just happen to purchase more than you need, because you only have 1 option when purchasing, I have quick fix that will allow you to maximize those herbs.  Moms may already know 153655537this, but dads LISTEN UP!  When you are hooking up a fancy meal or just want to use fresh herbs, this will help I promise.  If you have left over fresh herbs, simply dice them and evenly divide them into an ice tray.  Follow up those herbs by filling up each ice cube pod with olive oil, pop’em in the freezer and BOOM you’re done.  This works great for 2 scenarios. FIRST you get to save money by not throwing away those fresh herbs! SECOND, when you are making a quick pasta for the night and need to spice it up a bit, simply crack the ice cube tray and stir in the herb infused olive oil cube and within seconds you have enhanced your meal.  I get it, a lot of you have heard this before, but I promise you dads will score some points by saving money and taking your everyday meal to the next level!  Until next time!

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