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    From Crawfish Boil to Forever Changed | Memorial Day with Military Heroes

    Published June 29, 2023. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    I had the opportunity to drive down to Missouri to spend Memorial Day with a childhood friend who is an Army Special Forces Veteran. While I went for the crawfish, I was left changed by the powerful stories of Army heroes that I’ll never forget.

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    All the profits from the views of this video will be donated to This is a charity Tony told me about.

    My Trip to Missouri

    My friend, Tony, called me up this past January and told me how he and his buddies from the military throw this huge crawfish boil every Memorial Day for friends and family and asked if I wanted to cook with them.

    I, of course, told him that I would love to. Well, as I began talking to him in the months leading up to Memorial Day, he shared what happens throughout the day. He told me how it’d become a tradition for him and how he shares pictures of friends that he and his buddies lost overseas. Then he shared that there would be a table strategically set up for missing soldiers known as the “Missing Man” table.

    missing man table

    As I learned more, I quickly realized that this day had nothing to do about me cooking alongside them. This day was for him and his friends, who he lost while serving in the Army. I wanted to make a video about him and his traditions on Memorial Day and share it with you all.

    Crawfish Boil

    As you’ll watch in the video, there’s no recipe for the crawfish boil. There’s just the guidance of a Louisiana native who shared how he boils crawfish. The goal is to ensure the boiling liquid is incredibly flavorful so that it seasons up whatever you’re cooking in it.

    If you have any questions about that day or the crawfish boil itself, please reach out on Facebook or at this link.