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    Cooking Equipment I Use

    Published February 11, 2021. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    Thank you so much for the support of my website and social media channels.  I get countless questions on the products I use so I wanted to create a page that has just about everything I use in my recipes and videos that I get questioned about the most.  The links in these posts are affiliate links which will allow me to make a little bit of money on each sale.  I’ll continue to add to this page as things come up.

    1. Garlic Press: Rosle Garlic Press
    2. Strainer: The one I use to strain noodles is by Polder, but sometimes it is not available.  Here is the link – Polder Basket  If it is not available, then here is the next closest thing – Hatrigo Basket
    3. Rondeau Pot (12″): Paderno
    4. Black Gloves I wear: Nitrile Gloves
    5. Thermometer: Thermoworks
    6. Bread Proofing Banneton: Round Banneton
    7. Stainless Steel Pan: All-Clad
    8. Non-Stick Pan: Greenpan
    9. Cast Iron Style Sauté Pan: Debuyer
    10. Cast Iron Pan Expensive: Finex
    11. Cast Iron Pan Cheap: Lodge
    12. Stir Fry Pan: Craft Wok
    13. Dutch Oven Expensive: Le Creuset
    14. Dutch Oven Cheap: Lodge
    15. Bread Dutch Oven Pot: Challenger
    16. Sheet Tray: NordicWare
    17. Parchment Paper Sheets: Smartake
    18. Tongs: Kitchenaid
    19. Rubber Scraper: Le Creuset
    20. Whisk: Ouddy
    21. Spatula: New Star
    22. Cutting Board: Boos
    23. Kitchen Towels: Royal
    24. 8 oz. Storage Containers: 8 oz Reditainer
    25. 16 oz. Storage Containers: 16 oz Reditainer
    26. 32 oz. Storage Containers: 32 oz Reditainer
    27. ½ Gallon Containers: 2 qt Cambro
    28. 1 Gallon Containers: 4 qt Cambro
    29. Glass Bowls: Durelex
    30. Stand Mixer: Kitchenaid Mixer
    31. Wooden Spoon: OXO
    32. Rolling Pin: French Pin
    33. Bamboo Rolling Pin: Totally Bamboo
    34. Chef Knife: MAC
    35. Mandolin: OXO
    36. Peeler: Kuhn Rikon
    37. Chinois: Winco
    38. Food Mill: GEFU