Scalloped Potatoes Recipe with Parmesan Cheese

Scalloped potatoes are a delicious potato casserole dish where layers of thinly sliced potatoes are cooked with butter, cream, or milk and then baked until done.  This recipe uses butter which I feel gives the perfect combination of crispiness on top and creaminess towards the bottom of the pan.

– 6 peeled and thinly      sliced russet potatoes – 1 1/2 cups of finely      grated Parmesan      cheese – 12 tablespoons of      unsalted butter cut into      small chunks – Kosher salt and fresh      cracked pepper to taste


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Preheat the oven to 400°.


Once the potatoes are sliced overlap them in a 10" cast iron skillet around the outside working your way to the center, kind of like fanning them.


Next, add on 1/3 cup of cheese, 4 tablespoons of cut-up butter and then season with salt and pepper.


Add 2 more layers just like the bottom one but finish the top layer with a 1/2 cup of the shredded parmesan cheese instead of a 1/3 cup like the other layers.

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