Amazing Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

This delicious Italian Pasta Salad Recipe is jam-packed with veggies, cured meats, cheese, and herbs in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Once you try this salad, it will quickly become a favorite.


– fusilli pasta – sliced mortadella – sliced ham – sliced salami – sliced cucumber – cherry tomatoes

Start by boiling your pasta in salted water and draining it in the refrigerator while you prepare all the vegetables, dressing, and meats.

Make the vinaigrette and set it aside until ready to use.

Slice up all the meats and vegetables and set them aside until the salad is ready.

Add all of the pasta salad ingredients into a very large bowl.

Dress the outside of the bowl with vinaigrette to ensure that when it’s mixed, each ingredient becomes coated in the dressing.

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