Mussels Recipe in Garlic Wine Broth

This quick and easy-to-make Mussels Recipe uses fresh steamed mussels cooked in a roasted shallot and garlic white wine broth. It is served with toasty bread for the perfect appetizer.

You will love the delicious garlicky flavors in the mussels.


– olive oil – shallot – garlic cloves – mussels – white wine – chicken stock – toasted bread

Remove the beards from the mussels.

Add them to a bowl, submerge them in cold water, and vigorously scrub them using your hands.

In the meantime, prepare the shallot, garlic, and herbs.

Drain the mussels and give them one final brief rinse under cold water.

Add oil to a large sauce pot or rondeau over medium heat.

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