This fire-roasted homemade pineapple salsa recipe is absolutely delicious and goes amazingly well on pork, chicken, steak, or fish.


Sliced pineapple

Sweet onion

Seeded jalapeños

Olive oil

Pineapple juice

Juice of lime

Packed fresh cilantro

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    Slice all of the ingredients thickly so that they do not fall through the grill grates.


Lightly coat everything in olive oil, salt, and pepper to aid in everything not sticking to the grill.


Place the vegetables and fruit onto the grill and cook for 3-5 minutes per side or until dark grill marks have formed but been sure to not overcook.


    Remove everything from the grill and put it into a blender along with pineapple juice, lime juice, cilantro, sea salt, and pepper and pulse until slightly chunky.