French Silk Pie Recipe

This tasty classic French silk pie recipe with chocolate filling and homemade crust is the perfect dessert.

You will love the rich, decadent flavors in this amazing pie.


– heavy whipping cream – sugar  – unsalted butter – vanilla extract – semi-sweet chocolate – eggs

Preheat the oven to 450°. If using convection, preheat it to 425°. Add the flour, butter, salt, and sugar to a food processor and pulse on high speed while drizzling in the water.

Transfer the dough to a clean surface dusted with flour, knead to form a ball, and then roll it out with a pin until it is 1/8 thick.

Form the dough into a 9” pie pan, cutting off any excess and crimping the edges to make a ripple around the outside.

Add a piece of parchment paper over the pie crust, pour some dried beans over the parchment paper, and par-bake. The pie crust will not change much color but will become firm once cooled after baking.

Remove from the oven and cool completely to room temperature.

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