Italian Beef Recipe

This tasty Italian beef recipe features thinly sliced roast beef cooked in a comfortably spicy, rich beef broth piled high on French bread rolls for an irresistible flavor.

You will love how easy this is to make and how flavorful it is.


– unsalted butter – garlic granules – onion granules – paprika, this can be sweet or smoky – fennel seeds

Add the butter and spices to a large pot over low heat. Cook them constantly stirring for 3 to 4 minutes to make the spices more intense in flavor and smell.

Pour in the beef stock. Season very generously with salt. It should be very well seasoned as this will be the main ingredient to flavor the beef. 

Simmer the ingredients together for 20 minutes or until hot and flavorful. Slice the roast beef very thin using a knife or meat slicer.

The other option would be to use precooked and sliced roast beef. Next, add the desired amount of beef to the hot beef au jus and cook it until heated, which takes about 2 minutes.

Add the hot Italian beef onto a sliced French roll and add optional giardiniera.

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