Green Beans Potatoes and Ham Stew

A delicious 5 ingredient stew loaded with green beans, chunks of ham, and tender potatoes that makes for the perfect weekend meal.

The delicious combination of ham and beans has been around for centuries.


– green beans – yellow onion – salt pork – russet potatoes – ham, cut into 1” cubes

Add the beans, onion, and salt pork to an extra-large pot and fill it with water until the beans are covered by 1 inch.

Cook over low to medium heat for 4 hours, remember the longer the better, so you can go up to 8 hours here.

Add in the potatoes and ham after the 4-hour cooking time and continue to cook for 1 hour or until the potatoes are tender.

Season with salt and pepper, and serve.

To reheat the stew, add your desired portion to a small sauce pot and heat over low heat until hot. You can also simply add your desired portion to a microwave-safe bowl and heat until hot. 

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