Delicious Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe

Add these delicious easy to make sauteed mushrooms to the top of any steak, or chicken, for the ultimate accompaniment.

These are also great to serve as a tasty side dish to any meal.


– oil – button mushrooms – shiitake mushrooms – oyster mushrooms – unsalted butter

Add the oil to a very large frying pan or rondeau pot over high heat until it begins to lightly smoke. Once smoking, add in the mushrooms and spread them out across the pan.

Stir the mushrooms every 2 minutes or so until they are golden brown on all sides. Scoot the mushrooms to 1 side of the pan and then in the other side of the pan add the butter, shallots, and garlic.

Cook the shallots and garlic in the butter for about 1 minute while constantly stirring. Next, stir together the cooked shallots, garlic, butter, and mushrooms until combined.

Deglaze with the red wine and cook for 2 to 3 minutes or until the wine has been absorbed or au sec.

Pour in the beef stock and cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes or until the amount of liquid is reduced by one half.

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