Birria Tacos Recipe (Quesa Tacos)

This traditional Birria Tacos Recipe combines slow-braised lamb and beef with chilis and spices, then filled into crispy tacos for the ultimate Mexican dish.

Once you try it, it will quickly become your favorite taco.


– birria consomé – corn tortillas – oaxaca cheese – yellow onions – cilantro – lemons

Brown the seasoned meat in a large pot and set aside.

Next, caramelize onions in the pot for about 20 minutes and then stew with the garlic, tomatoes, chiles, and spices until the chiles are soft and tender.

Blend the chile mixture until very smooth. Then, place it back in the pot along with water or beef stock, salt and pepper, and the meat, and cook for 2 hours over medium heat.

Remove the beef and roughly chop or shred using forks.

Strain the remaining liquid and return it to the pot.

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