Truss Me!

If you haven’t figured out from my cooking style, I am a comfort food cooker.  I am not sure if that derives from me having a large Italian family or just growing up around simple food.  I like to take old traditional dishes and flavors and put my new school touch on them giving it a simple but elegant approach.  Probably the staple for all comfort food cooking is any large roasted protein.  Lamb, Ribeye, Duck I mean it could literally be anything, but the key to making the dish a success is trussing.  I know, I know, you are probably saying to yourself, “I have never heard that word in my life.”  Don’t worry I am hear to tell you it’s a cinch to execute and the flavors are fantastic!

So who hates it when your roast’s skin is just too crispy and the inside is just too juicy!!  That’s exactly how it sounds, LUDICROUS!  However trussing with help achieve that goal if you take the time to do it.  By time I don’t mean it will take you all day, but merely a few minutes.   To truss a roast you simply tie butchers twine into several knots about two inches apart all they way down the roast, like in the picture above!  Chicken takes a little more skill but is still fairly easy.  To see some good examples on how to do this, see: CHICKEN and BEEF .  Trussing will ensure that your protein is held tight to close up any lose parts and seal in all of those fantastic juices that the meat has to offer.  I have tested it myself and trussed meat over non-trussed meat wins every single time!  Another cool thing is that you can stuff fresh herbs under the butchers twine to add a little more flavor to your meat.  So the next time you are looking for some more flavor in your roasts be sure to do this easy fix and enjoy the benefits of such minimal costs and work.

Chef Billy Parisi

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