Too Much Fire on that Grill!

Get that lighter fluid outta here, go get me 5 gallons of gasoline… NOW THAT’S A FIRE!!  Oh, go ahead and roll little Johnny around, he’ll be ok! Everyone has that crazy uncle just as Eddie Murphy did in his “Raw” stand up who loves to grill but cannot, and ends up burning half the house down.  Now there is no shame in having large flames come from your  grill if you are trying to make your steak “Pittsburgh Style” or are roasting peppers.  Though for most of us, we like just enough grill flavor that simply enhances our food.  To me there is nothing more unappetizing than burnt food that sat way too long on a grill engulfed with flames high enough to singe Shaquille O-neal’s eyebrows.

I have a little trick that I discovered while cooking at a country club I worked at while I was getting my barbecue on for 200 hungry golfers every Sunday..  When fire starts to seep through the grates of a grill at a rapid pace, people get nervous and immediately run for the water… Poof, there goes enough dust and smoke to leave you a nice charcoal grey color and not too mention your fire is out and water logged.  Try putting a few ice cubes in the spots where there seems to be a good amount of fire coming through.  Not only will this tone your fire down, but there will be no crazy amount of smoke or ash and better yet your fire will continue to burn.  Note that it may take you placing down ice cubes for several minutes until your fire literally chills out.  It is also beneficial to know where on the grill the hot spots are so you know that when you put your food down, this hot-spot area will more than likely produce some flames.  So the next time one of your family member tries to burn down your house, throw a few ice cubes on there and watch your flames cut down to size.


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