The Old Cast Iron Skillet

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Wouldn’t cooking be so much easier if you could create your entire meal in 1 pan?!  Technically you can, but it’s hard to make sure you get your protein, starch and vegetables without piling up the pots, pans and dishes.  The only one pan meal I can think of is stir-fry. Sure there are soups and casseroles, etc. but those take time and I am on the go!

I broke out my cast iron skillet the other day and made a roasted beef, vegetable and potato hash with bacon and DUDE WAS IT AWESOME!  Cast iron skillets are thick and can take a real beating, and because of that thickness it holds heat very well.  Once the skillet gets up to temperature, things cook very fast and fast is what I need, even if you finish off the meal in the oven for 20 minutes.  I started to think that there are other really simple things you can do in a cast iron skillet, like easy pot pies.. Simply cover the top with puff pastry before baking.  Or how about breakfast?!  Sauté some tomatoes and vegetables and top off with some eggs, finish it in the oven and boom you have breakfast.  I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah but you are a chef with tons of ideas.”  Let me just say that I know people who are great home cooks that would give some restaurant chefs a run for their money in the creativity department.  So have some fun and throw what ever you’ve got in a cast iron skillet, don’t forget to season it up and let me know what you came up with.  Happy Cooking!

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