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    The Importance of Seasoning

    Published October 28, 2013. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    One of the most important intricacies of  cooking is seasoning.  The two most important ingredients: Salt and Pepper!  It’s as simple as that. Now there are correct techniques when seasoning so don’t think that if you incorporate either or both into your dish that it will automatically be perfect, because that will not be the case.  Salt and pepper are not meant to alter the flavor, but to simply enhance.  Think about it, have you ever had a raw tomato, and then a tomato seasoned with salt and pepper?  I mean the difference is extravagant!  So now, to get that perfect flavor..

    When cooking anything, you are only as good as your ingredients, so use quality salt like Kosher and fresh cracked pepper.  To properly season you want your seasoning hand to be about 1 foot from the food product your are trying to season. This way you can cover all of the surface area of the food item, and of course don’t forget to season both sides of your food item.  Season generously!  This does not mean you create a rub with your salt and pepper, but you merely want to cover a good portion of your food item with your seasoning.  Next, season once and taste twice.  taste it, season it, then taste it again.  This way you don’t over season, because you can always add more and it only takes one time of over salting something to ruin a masterpiece.  Also, please do not try this with raw meats, poultry or fish 🙂 .  You can pick up a gigantic box of Kosher salt for pretty cheap and it should last you at least a year!  You also may want to look into sea salts, volcanic salts or different colored peppercorns!  Remember, season high and season everything!

    Chef Billy Parisi