The Butcher

I have been cooking so long that I feel like I can cook on a rock and still make it taste good.  I also think that I can make any piece of meat tender no matter what kind of cut it is.  Yes I know this sounds a bit cocky, but once you learn the fundamental skills of cookery and practice it several thousand times you will feel the same way I do.  Some people really believe, “If I just get these pans, my food will taste better” or “If I get this cut of meat it will be the best because it is the most expensive.”  Well let me tell you pans don’t make the man and neither does an over priced steak!  Don’t worry though, there is hope, and that hope lies in your butcher 🙂  These people are hired because they know meat, know how to cook it and know how to cut it.  For a long time I wanted to be in the butcher’s union, because I loved fabricating meat so much.. Obviously that didn’t pan out, but I still love talking to the butcher to find out what’s fresh, or what cut of meat he suggests that day, etc..  The butcher doesn’t have answers to all your life’s problems, but he can point you in the right direction in the meat department.  The cut of meat may also depend on your personal preferences such as: fat, flavor, size, best cooking method, etc..  For flavor get yourself a ribeye, for lean pick up a filet Mignon, A brisket for shredded beef, Ribs for BBQ, seriously there are a lot of different cuts.  The whole point of this post is to inform you that the butcher is there for you to help guide you and inform you to make the most accurate purchase possible for your taste buds.  Below are some pictures of a few animals broken down by cuts.  If you have any food related questions connect with me at or at

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