Sushi Party

As a chef I seem to always get the question, “Do you know how to make sushi?”  I always respond with, “Of course!”  However, this does not mean I am a pro by any means but yes I know how to roll sushi.  In fact it is quite easy and could be a ton of fun if looking to entertain by having your guests get in on the action with you.  People always say fresher is better and when rolling sushi there is no doubt in my mind that you MUST use the freshest produce and fish you can get your hands on!   I also believe that you do not have to stick to traditional rolls like California, spicy tuna, spider roll, etc.  Like I always preach, a recipe is simply a guideline so feel free to have fun and try putting some ingredients you love into a roll.  Who knows you may start a new trend 🙂

The only real tool you need to roll sushi is a sushi mat, which is a small bamboo Japanese curtain looking thing that will allow you to roll tight sushi rolls.  Outside of having extremely fresh produce and sashimi grade fish, is cooking and seasoning your sushi rice to perfection.  If you have a rice cooker, then use it!  You can find “sushi” rice in the Asian section of your the grocery store literally labeled “Sushi Rice.”  While your rice is cooking you want to make a solution consisting of rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt and make sure all ingredients are completely dissolved into the vinegar, so stir well.  Once the rice is cooked you simply want to fork it and then pour in the solution and mix it well.  While at the grocery store be sure to pick up a few packs of Nori, which is better known as seaweed!  Nori in appearance are thin square like green sheets of pressed seaweed.  Once all of your vegetables are prepped lay them out on a platter and be sure to do the same with the seafood on a separate platter.  Now it is as simple as choosing your ingredients and rolling.  Place the nori on the bamboo board and lay down the rice.  Be sure to keep hands wet, this ensures the rice will not stick to your fingers.  Then lay down desired ingredients one inch from the bottom of the nori sheet.  Roll up the sushi roll tight using the bamboo board.  Make sure you serve the roll with soy, wasabi and pickled ginger on the side.  If you are still confused then check out this hand rolling technique.  How much fun would it be to host a sushi rolling party with friends?  It is something I have never done but hope to experience!  Don’t forget to follow me at and

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