Surviving Thanksgiving in the Kitchen

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There is no way to put it, COOKING ON THANKSGIVING DAY IS TOUGH!  It is especially difficult when you are preparing the whole thing by yourself, I know I’ve done it a few times.  I just wanted to give you a few helpful tips that have gotten me through this long day of cooking…

1. Mise en Place – Be sure to start prepping a few days before Thanksgiving.  Figure out how many people are coming and then the Sunday before Turkey Day, make your menu.  Make sure to pull that Turkey out, if it’s frozen, and let it thaw IN THE FRIDGE, NOT ON THE COUNTER TOP!  Do as much as you can the few days leading up to Turkey Day i.e. trim your green beans, peel and slice potatoes and hold them in water, chop onions, chop garlic, prepare fresh herbs, make your stuffing, GET AS MUCH DONE AS POSSIBLE so that you aren’t going crazy Thursday Morning.

2. Cook it Breast Side Down – If there is a common complaint with Turkey is that it is dry or gets dry quick.  Try cooking your turkey breast side down this year!  Think about it, when it’s breast side down all of the juices run down to where all the meat is, in the breast.  This makes for the juiciest most tender (keep your head out of the gutter) breasts you will ever eat.  With about 45 minutes left in the cooking process, flip that bird over and place it breast side up so the skin will crisp up real nice.

3. Truss It – Another great way to ensure your turkey is juicy and tender, try trussing it with butcher’s twine!  This is way WAY to hard to explain how to do in text, so CLICK HERE TO WATCH HOW TO DO IT ON VIDEO!  

4. Get Creative – If there is one thing I am sick of on Thanksgiving it’s eating more freakin turkey.  I’m sick of it, not much else to say.  Try cooking a rib roast, or perhaps a pork crown, or better yet roast a lamb.  If you really do roast a lamb for Thanksgiving, call me I’ll be right over!  Seriously though, don’t be afraid to change it up with a different protein or side dishes.

5. Wine – Not only is it perfect for serving on Thanksgiving but a glass or two may help you get past the craziness that is preparing a Thanksgiving meal by yourself.

6. Have Fun – I’ll leave you with this.  Be sure to take time to enjoy your friends and family this Thanksgiving and give Thanks for all you have.

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