Spring Full of Citrus

I know I know, Citrus is at it’s peak during the winter months but to me nothing screams Spring like the fresh taste of lemon and dill, cilantro and lime, oranges and basil!  I am all for buying fresh produce in season, but why on earth does citrus have to peak in the winter?  I feel like most people tend to use citrus more during Spring through the end of summer than any other time of year.  However other citrus fruits simply tastes better in those winter months such as grapefruits, clementines, blood oranges, etc..  Although this is the case, when was the last time you took a huge bite out of a lime or lemon?? Yeah, I didn’t think so..

So what does this mean? It means that you should use the juice of these wonderful citrus fruits and save the tenderness in the citrus supremes for the winter months.  I mean how much better is Grilled halibut with fresh lemon squeezed on it?  Amazing right? And citrus goes a long way and can really enhance the flavors of your dish, vinaigrette, vegetables, whatever you are cooking!  I know that Carolinians are die hard BBQ fans and so am I, but I could not imagine not being able to infuse the zest of fresh citrus fruits in my BBQ and sauce.   So the next time you are out on the grill this Spring or just roasting some veggies, be sure to kick upthe flavor of your food with a little zest and juice of citrus fruits!  Here are some great recipe videos on Lowesfoods.com at: http://bit.ly/ekfrbH, http://bit.ly/eUpzh3, http://bit.ly/fp1bpw

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