Chef Billy Parisi’s Jam of the Week: David Guetta ft. Sia Titanium

What can you say, dance music is back.  I’m not against dance music, it’s a bit different than the normal hip-hop that I dance to (and yes I have rhythm).  It’s cool to see some of the all time great electronic/house/technoish DJ’s pair up with some hip-hop stars to make a killer beat with the some killer rhyming, for a great example go check out Beautiful People by Chris Brown. Titanium, beat by David Guetta and lyrics by Sia isn’t the manliest song out there, but this beat is catchy enough to make you hit repeat (a few times).  This is a few months old, but you can’t help yourself from two stepping the second you hear it!   Pick this song up BY CLICKING HERE!  Told you my music listening style is versatile!

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