Sobe Wine and Food Fest Night 2


As I woke up to Miami Beach on day number two of the Wine and Food Festival I had realized I didn’t get much sleep.  I was in an amazing hotel, but it’s the kind of place where 20 something’s go and hang out all night and end up getting a room because they can’t drive.  In other words, they party all night long and my floor and hall just happened to be that party place until about 4:30 am.  Never the less there was no time for complaining as I was in South Beach for the Wine Fest while I could’ve been in the Frozen Tundra that is Chicago.  I’ll take being a little sleepy for a day.

I woke up grabbed breakfast by the pool and walked around by the beach for a little bit before it was time to head to one of the photo 5 (1)most amazing lunches I’ve ever had.  The lunch was sponsored by Dulce wine, which is owned by one of my favorite wine brands of all time Far Niente which is the daughter company to wine makers Nickel and Nickel.  The luncheon was at the Fountaine Blue hotel (think the chainsaw scene of Scarface) and man was it gorgeous.  This place was packed on every flour and the restaurant, which was located on the fourth floor was absolutely beautiful.  We had a 7-course meal that was packed with seafood, Foie Gras, Japanese photo 1 (7)flavors and other interesting notes, and we got to wash it down with the Late harvest Sauvignon Blanc Dulce wine.  It was amazing to say the least.  I got to spend lunch with life style Blogger Camille Styles, check out her blog it’s amazing.   I left the lunch so full I only could do one thing, nap 🙂

Ahh yes, nothing like a food coma.  After a quick nap I took off for Lincoln Ave, which is loaded with shopping, food and tourists.  Interesting street with some amazing people watching opportunities, if you get the chance.  Well I didn’t have long before it was dinner time, which I could not believe given my stomach was about to burst through my jeans from the $350 lunch I just ate.  But, it was time to dig deep into my soul and tighten up my belt, because there was more food to eat and more wine to drink.  We ate dinner down the street at the Dutch, which was in the W hotel with some of the fine folks from Electrolux.  They asked how are night was and what we did, but after I heard their story I realized how lame I was.  They went back to the hotel I was staying in to this pool party with pretty much every chef celebrity on earth.  They got to hang out and have some cocktails with the likes of Tyler Florence, Giada DiLaurantis, WTF?!  HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THIS?   I was kind of bummed out that I actually did not attend, but dang it I had no idea.  I guess there is always next time…. Or not.

IMG_5287So from dinner we walked over to the Beach Party where Emeril Lagasse became the hype man for Sammy Hagar from Van Halen (Did you know he owned Cabo Wabo tequila?), which was just weird.  There was no bamming going on stage, but it was Emeril channeling his inner Don King and it was entertaining to say the least.  Sammy played a heck of a set too, with a lot of the old Van Halen hits from the 70’s and 80’s.  However I was there for the food, and there was plenty of it!   Electrolux of course had a killer spread of Dulce Cubanos, which consisted of Mini Guava Pastries, Mini Cheese Pastries, Mini Rice Pudding Cups,IMG_5232 and Mini Cuban Flans and of course a mammoth refrigerator to hold all of this, which they were giving away stocked with cold lime beers and champagne – check it out at!  I was in awe of this fridge because to be honest we hate the one we have at home.  It looks nice and big from the outside, but there is zero room on the inside.  We would throw it away and would love to get one of the Electrolux refrigerators, because literally you could fit 5 people in it, it’s that dang big (relax I’m no Jeffery Dahmer).  When we finally have our last draw with our current fridge, maybe we will make the leap, but in any event the Electrolux fridge made a lasting impression on me.  Well as the night was winding down, and Sammy Hagar had enough to drink, because he said on stage the band won’t perform unless they all blow higher than the legal limit, it was time to turn in.   I strolled one last time on the beach front to the hotel, packed up my things and passed out so I could catch my 8 am cab the next day.  South Beach you will not be forgotten and I already long to make my return visit soon.  Thank you sincerely for my weekend get away and to the team at Electrolux!

P.S. Also Saw Food Network Star 7 winner Jeff Mauro and his wife on the plane home and hung out with him and chatted for about 30 minutes in the Chicago O’hare baggage claim.  Cool guy, check him out.

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