Grilled Halibut with Spring Vegetables & Arugula Pesto

Man I love fish and this Grilled Halibut with Spring Vegetables & Arugula Pesto is everything!  It is easy to make, it is delicious and it’s incredibly seasonal.  When it comes to grilling fish, things can get tricky because they are so delicate, but there are a few things to remember.  The first is that the grill has to be hot, the second is that the fish needs to have some oil on it, and the the third and most important is to LET THE FISH COOK!!  Everyone get’s so antsy, should I flip it, is it cooked, is it burnt, JUST RELAX AND LET IT COOK!  Our impatience when sauteeing or grilling by far leads to things falling apart or sticking.  You have to form those grill marks before you can flip any thing and once that sear is complete the food will separate with ease.  Ok, I’m done venting :-).  For the vegetables I simply pan roasted them up in a little olive oil with shallots and garlic and then finished them with salt, pepper and lemon.  If you didn’t know, mushrooms go insanely well with halibut, that is why I paired them up.

The arugula pesto is really easy to make.  Think about regular pesto, however just replace arugula with the basil and skip the pine nuts.  Now, you can keep the pine nuts if you just lobe them, but I decided to do away with them.  Well, that’s it a nice balanced and delicious seasonal grilled fish.  So If you have any more questions on this Grilled Halibut with Spring Vegetables & Arugula Pesto, hit me up!  I’ve got a few other fish recipes, with one of my favorites being this Grilled Sea Bass and Corn Salsa Recipe with Hatch Chiles!