462284759I will never forget the first words out of my “Catering Class” chef’s mouth in culinary school, “You will put parchment paper on everything, I don’t care what it is.”  Using parchment paper was gospel to this man, cause I must have heard him say it a hundred times a week.  Even after culinary school most of my chefs preached the same thing, and now it’s all I do.  First of all it’s cheap and the uses are endless.  From using it to braise all the way to piping art onto cakes and cupcakes, it’s awesome.

If you look at any of my recipes that use the oven I ALWAYS say in my videos and in the text,” Be sure to line a sheet pan with parchment paper.”  The benefits I use it for are177749541 because it helps items not to stick, it relieves the “tin flavor” (from the sheet pan) that can infuse into food, It helps to caramelize by sucking up liquids that come out of food, you can roasted in it (En Papillote), there are more I promise and you will probably discover some I have never heard of 🙂

This has just been about cooking, but what about baking?!?!  It helps keep cakes moist by baking on it and leaving it on the bottom of the cake after your remove it from the pan, it helps cookies to bake more evenly and without sticking.  It folds to an awesome piping bag so your decorating skills can become much more precise and you can write things like HAPPY BIRTHDAY in chocolate.  Parchment paper really is awesome and if you want to know more usages, you know how to get ahold of me!

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