Out With the Old and In With the New

As you get older it’s crazy how fast the time flies!  I can’t believe that 2011 is over with, shoot I remember my first day of high school!  I suppose it’s inevitability with its repeating flawless victories.  I don’t know about you all yet, but I certainly have a few resolutions that I have written down and really hope to stick out.  Every year we as humans try and make these promises to improve our quality of life, but I would suggest that a good percentage of us fail our goals before they even start.  For that matter, I want to challenge you to do something easy and to stick to it!  I was always told that no one knows everything there is to know about food, it’s impossible.

There are master chefs out there, but I bet some of them don’t know the first thing about Ethiopian food, I know I don’t.  So here is my proposition for you..  The next time you are running through the isles of Lowes Foods, try something new.  Whether it’s a new vegetable, fruit, cut of meat, fish, who cares, take it home and cook it up!  If you aren’t sure what to do with it, you know you can find me at facebook.com/chefbillyparisi or at twitter.com/chefbillyparisi and I’ll make sure you are set up.  Even I am going to do this challenge, and who knows maybe I’ll discover the best new food trend out there 🙂  We are creatures of habit especially when it comes to food.  We go to the same restaurants, order the same thing and never even think about what else is on the menu.  I think it’s time we get out of our bubble and try some new things.  You may try to go gluten-free, vegan or perhaps just want to try and eat more lettuce, who knows?!  The point is, there is so much food out there, so many amazing trends that we should no longer be depriving ourselves of these wonderful flavors!  Food is therapeutic and it brings the whole family together.. It’s time you change it up and bring the most important people in your life back to the table!

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