Olivia’s First Bites

Olivia just turned 6 months old last Friday, seriously I can’t believe it!  Where has the time gone?  6 months already… REALLY?  Anyways, most of you moms know that 6 months means that it’s time to feed the baby some solid foods.  Believe it or not I am way more protective of Olivia than my wife so the concept of feeding her solid food was freaking me out, even if it’s really just mush.  We skipped the cereal route because it doesn’t have much nutritional value and we went right for the avocado!  I mashed the heck out of these things so they were literally runny and could cause zero chance for choking.  After every small cough I kept thinking, “Is she ok?  Is she choking?” Yes I am a drama queen, but hey it’s my first kid gimme a break 🙂  Anyways, the first feeding went successful and Olivia seemed to really dig the avocado, which for a chef is really encouraging.  Maybe she would dig my avocado and roasted corn salsa?  May have to wait a few more months/years before I start testing out her palette.  I definitely want to instil in her mind that she cannot tell me she doesn’t like something unless she’s tried it, no questions asked!  Below are a few pics of what went down.

Going in for the kill



A little bit closer, Mom is this going to be any good?



Num Num Num



The aftermath


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