Life on the Grill

Although many of us grill all year round there are still some who tuck it away all winter long until the first hints of Spring are noticed.  I try to grill as much as possible and not JUST because I am a guy and that’s what we do, but because of the flavors and the chance to cut out fatty ingredients.  Think about it for a minute, there is zero chance to add in heavy cream, whisk in buttermilk, etc.  I do realize you can brush your foods on the grill with butter from time to time but oils just work better.   Olive oil not only tastes better to me, but it is a lot more healthy,  not-too-mention nothing beats that smoky flavor that your food can acquire from the grill. There are are few tips to getting that perfect grill mark and the right amount of smoky flavor into your food!

To start you need a HOT grill, and by that I mean between 450° and 550°.  Not only do you want it to be smoking hot because you want beautiful grill marks, but because most likely you will be covering and uncovering the grill lid which will make the temperature fluctuate up to 150°.  I rarely brush my food with anything after it is on the grill, I believe in marinating it first or rubbing it with herbs and oils before I put it on the grill.  By doing this it will save on cooked time since you will not have to keep opening the grill cover, but also this leaves no chance for you to burn yourself (trust me when you use oils and butters while food is on the grill, you can expect a flame and a lot less arm hair).  My suggestion is to use olive oil (sparingly) on your proteins or vegetables first and then put them on the grill and close the lid. Allow enough time to create grill marks on your food and to build up smoke inside of the grill to develop that unique smoky flavor.  If you need tips on how to tone down a flame, then check out NOW, THAT’S A FIRE.  So if you are dieting but want to enjoy what you eat, cut the fat and head outside to the grill!  If you have any food related questions connect with me at or at

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