Labor Day Party Prepping

There is nothing I love more than menu creation.  Whether it’s for clients opening up a restaurant, recipes for my website, or my personal favorite throwing a dinner party.  Last year I was accepted into the Plugra Gourmet Club and was granted the opportunity to throw a killer party with my own recipes.

Most of the recipes I create for my website are approachable with seasonal ingredients from your local grocery store and can always be made in a home kitchen.  For the party I am getting ready to throw I still want to use seasonal ingredients and recipes that can be made in a home, but I also want to step it up a notch because after all this is the Gourmet Club and I have to bring my A game.

Since sit down dinners are somewhat difficult to pull off when your by yourself, much less document the event through pictures I’m taking, I believe I’ll do multiple appetizers that are very different from each other.  When it comes to things like this I always want to try things I’ve never done before and push the envelope a little bit in my own creativity.

So for this Labor Day weekend I am going to throw a bash with some close friends and give them mini appetizers that are Small Bites with Big Flavors that are absolutely jam packed with flavors!  Come back in a few days to see what I whip up!

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