Introduction to Soigne

I am just so excited to launch my new food video series Soigne.  Soigne, pronounced SWAN-YAY, is French for elegant, but us folks in the restaurant industry think of it as a sexy dish.  You obviously know I do a ton with photography and since my background is in video, I figured why not do something a little different.

In these videos I’m the producer, shooter, editor, food stylist and chef, only I’m not actually in the videos.  My set up is crazy and filming day is even crazier.  Lots of camera movements, focusing, but dang is it fun.  Sure it’s tedious but any thing that is good and worth doing takes time, patience and a whole bunch of effort.   I figured I had to change it up, because there are so many of the same food videos out there with some dude or girl standing in front of the camera talking about cooking.  How about replace that annoying host’s voice with some insanely awesome music!

These videos will air every Wednesday at 12:00pm Central time.  The point was to have awesome food that is really visually appealing with kick @$$ music in the background.  I hope I accomplished that.  Anyways to help me out, please watch these videos and share them like crazy!  Also feel free to hit me up on Social Media, or in the comments below if you want to see me create a certain dish or work with a certain ingredient, but most of all if you are a musician and want me to feature your music let me know asap, I’ll give you creds.  Below is the introduction.  Thank You!!!

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