Ice Cream Social

If you remember my posts from National Frozen Food Month, I mentioned several times that ice cream is a must have and always on hand in my house.  If I want to make sure the wife’s sweet tooth is satisfied then I better have a pint of ice cream or else I’m on the way to the grocery store to get some.  I seriously feel I spend a good chunk of my time at the grocery store in the frozen food aisle drooling over the deliciously large assortment of ice cream as well as other frozen treats.  One of these days I want to try every single ice cream in that aisle, just sayin though 🙂

When ice cream was on the agenda I knew that there is absolutely no way on earth I was about to do 1 flippin recipe, not happenin in my house.  So what did I do?  Let’s just say 1 recipe turned into 3.  Let’s be honest, what’s better than 1 recipe with ice cream?  That’s right, 3 recipes are better :-).  We are a Haagan Daaz house, but there are a ton of other tasty ice cream treats like Kemp’s or talenti, so next time you’re in the aisle be sure to check’em out.  I’m not sure what I liked more; making the recipe or literally eating every last bite once the camera stopped taking pictures.  Now you don’t have to do all 3 of these recipes, but for sure do 1, and if I had to pick make the ice cream sandwiches!  For more amazing tips and recipes check out

Ice Cream Truffle Recipe
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