How to Spice Up an Un-Ripe Fruit Salad

Nothing is worse than buying fruit in season and it still tasting un-ripe.  Now if you are buying tropical fruits i.e. honey dew, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. in the winter, STOP IT!  It will always be un-ripe.  Save all those tropical fruits for the summer time and leave the apples, pears and citrus for winter time!  Anyways, I still come across some tropical fruit during those peak seasons that are un-ripe and just need a few more days on the vine, but the farmer got greedy and decided to pick them anyways so they can meet their quota 🙂  Oh supply and demand at its finest.  Well when you make a fruit salad for a party or family and notice it is a bit un-ripe, first off don’t panic, second go the cupboard and add in some honey and some poppy seed to lighten things up!  If for some reason you don’t have honey, than boil 2 parts sugar to 1 part water until combined and immediately chill (I put it in the freezer).  Once chilled toss some of it around with the fruit salad and again add in some poppy seeds.  I know this is definitely not rocket science, but I can assure you it works!!  Remember, this is all season to taste people, so season once taste twice.  You can always add more honey and poppy seed, but you can’t take away once there is too much in it.  Enjoy your fruit salad!