Hotel Room Foods!

I can tell you first hand that before traveling I always have good intentions of eating healthy, but in a lot of cases it almost certainly does not happen.  Being a chef, I want to eat everything that city has to offer and that may include the best steak house, glass of wine, pasta, etc.  However over the past year things have change a bit and I strive to get to the hotel gym and eat healthier, afterall I work out so hard at home and eat healthy why can’t I do the same while on the road.  I want to leave you with a few tips of how you can eat a bit healthier without all the calories or the expense of local eateries.

Make sure your hotel has a refrigerator and a microwave so that you have the option to keep things cool or heat some food up.  I can’t tell you how many times I want to take food back to my hotel room and they don’t have a refrigerator. SO FRUSTRATING.  Having these two is esential to keeping form and not over induldging.

Find a local grocery store that has ready to heat foods.  There are several grocery store now-a-days that have meals already prepare and all you have to do is heat them up, but it doesn’t even have to stop there.  Find yourself some nice ready to heat vegetables, leave the heavy starches for when you get home to your routine.  Next, you can easily find some nice chicken or fish dishes that come with some great tasting sauces or relsishes that won’t pack on the fat.  I mean how often do grocery stores sell those delicious rotisserie chickens?  All time time if you ask me!  I would avoid any ready to heat beef products because by the time you rehit the steak, it will probably be beyond well-done at that point.

Get to a local farmers market to find the freshest fruits and vegetables.  Along with this you can buy plain yougurt from the grocery store and simply stir in some fresh raspberries from the local market.  Or how about folding in some fresh chunks of banana into the oatmeal you heated up in the microwave?  Lastly how about folding in some fresh cherry tomatoes and squash into some cous cous you heat up in the microwave?  The best thing about purchasing local produce is that some can remain at room temperatures while the rest can go in the refrigerator.    Suplimenting fatty restaurant foods for fresh fruits and vegetables will be huge to keeping you full and healthy.

Bring utensils, salt and pepper from home.  I say it all the time, salt and pepper are the difference between a bland dish and something incredibly spectacular.  Think about it, fresh tomatoes plain are so-so, but fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper are out of this world, so bring a little s&p on your next visit.  Also, don’t forget some utensils or simply snag a plastic set from the concierge in your hotel or go make buddy-buddy with the chef in your hotel and ask if you can bum a pair for the weekend – same goes wit the s&p 🙂

I hope this helps you next time you travel to think about making some smarter healthier decisions that will not only keep your body in shape while on the road, but will also save you in the wallet in the long run.  Happy traveling!

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