Grilled Pasta?

Well not exactly…. But what about all the goodness that goes into pasta?  What about the chicken or beef or Shrimp or the vegetables?  Why can’t we grill those things and toss them in a pasta.  More times than not, because it’s a bit easier, cooks and chefs do everything in one pan so that it’s quick and simple.  During the summer, or all year round if you’re like me, I grill, and I love changing up traditional classics and putting my own twist on them.  In stead of a pasta primavera with boiled vegetables, why not a fire roasted pasta primavera with vegetables straight from the grill?  Ask yourself how much better is the flavor from an open flame grill then from a pan.  WAY BETTER!  Now I am not saying that sautéing food does not bring out great flavor because it does, but there is NO replacement for the deep smoky flavors from the grill.  In addition the grill can get a lot hotter than a cook top which gives the opportunity for more caramelization to food.  Think of all the the current classic pasta dishes you could completely change by grilling?  A  pasta with all the seafood tossed in olive oil and  grilled, Mushrooms straight from the fire and into your pasta, if you ask me the world is just a better place with the grill 🙂  The trick is to get to your favorite local Lowes Foods and find out what’s on sale and from there your only limited by your creativity, so get creative!  My hope for you is that you will come out of your shell a bit and go out to the grill and change things up!  If you have any questions about grilling or food in general catch up with me in real time at or at

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