Flavors of Mexico

As a chef I constantly get the question, “What’s your specialty?” My response is simple, I don’t have one. Why would I want to limit myself to just one dish or one cuisine?! I think with all of my training and education that I can pretty much make just about anything and if I can’t I will find out how! However I do have to say that Mexican food is probably one of my favorites along with Japanese, Italian, French, Greek, see, you can’t pick just one!!! There is something that is so good about the food of Mexico. I am not sure if it is the way they hold such high value on family or the delicious bold flavors of the food or their simple life style. Whatever the case may be they’ve got it going on! I am not sure I can even pick an individual food within the entire cuisine that I like most.. Tamales maybe? When most people think of Mexican food they think of tacos.. Yes I love tacos too, but I promise it goes much deeper than that.

Three sisters in Mexican culture is a combination of squash, beans and corn. The Mexican people grew all of these great vegetables right next to each other and the nutrients from each crop would help the others grow. Think of all of the fantastic salsas you have eaten over the years or perhaps the different style burritos you have eaten. The beauty of all these great Mexican dishes and flavors is the chance to infuse them into other dishes. Try making a grilled three sisters succotash or fish tacos with mango salsa, maybe even a Mexican spice rubbed and grilled ribeye with roasted peppers and chimichurri sauce. Here’s the thing, there are a ton of ingredients you can use to enhance your cooking and none better or more flavorful than Mexican cuisine. So, the next time you are at your local grocery store be sure to pick up some limes, peppers, beans, corn, squash, anything that will give your food that Mexican kick! If you have any food related questions connect with me at facebook.com/chefbillyparisi or at twitter.com/chefbillyparisi.

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