Fish That Doesn’t Stick

Please don’t get this confused with “fish that doesn’t STINK” ūüôā ¬†If your fish is smelly throw it in the trash!!! ¬†Have you ever prepared an amazing seafood dish? ¬†I mean really taken the time to figure out complimenting sides, researched the fish, what kind of sauce it goes well with, etc.? ¬†I know I have, and I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when my fish sticks to a pan or on the grill and then it rips apart and then I end up with slop. ¬†Ticks me right off! ¬†I want to teach you a few things that may help you and first it starts with the fish. ¬†MAKE SURE the fish is dry. ¬†This means patting it down with a few paper towels so it is literally not leaking any water. ¬†You can put your fish in a plastic bag with a few paper¬†towels¬†and let it sit over night to make sure all the liquid has been absorbed. ¬†Secondly make sure your oil is smoking in the pan first before you put your fish in it. ¬†Once your fish is in the pan turn the heat down to medium-high and finish the cooking process (let the fish cook for at least 3 minutes before attempting to flip it over). ¬†When it comes to oil, I prefer olive oil because it smokes at a low 350¬į which significantly decreases your chances to burn something. ¬†So now for the grill… Boy I wish I had a fool proof answer. ¬†Honestly, it just takes practice and a nice steaky fish. ¬†Don’t get me wrong I can grill tilapia and other delicate fishes, but I prefer the likes of salmon, tuna, halibut, etc.. ¬†The same first process applies though; Pat dry your fish, coat it in olive oil and seasonings and make sure your grill is at least 400¬į before cooking anything. ¬†Again, let the fish cook for at least 3 minutes before attempting to flip it. ¬†Lastly, if you are attempting to flip your fish and you notice part of it getting stuck… YOU HAVEN’T COOKED IT LONG ENOUGH!!!! ¬†Just like anything, cooking takes practice and it may take you a few destroyed fish before you get it right. ¬†If you have any questions at all, you can find me at or at

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