The Most Eggselent Breakfast Recipes on Pinterest

I’ve partnered with Pinterest to create a board wrapped all around breakfast and eggs.  I took sometime scouring through Pinterest looking for the most delicious breakfast egg recipes I could find.  There are tons of really easy recipes, some that are a little more on the difficult side, some that are healthy as can be, and some that are ridiculously classic.  It’s amazing to me how eggs are such a trend these days.  Literally if something is plain and boring, just plop an egg it and you’re good.  Yeah, the egg these days are the hero and that rings especially true when it comes to breakfast.  Several of my friends are nutritionists, work out buffs, and health freaks and all of them say that you should start your day off with proteins and greens.  While I can’t help myself and often need some sort of carb in there, you’ll find plenty of options to poke through in my delicious Eggselent Breakfast Board.

If you’ve got a killer recipe that you feel deserves some pub, send it on my way and I’ll be sure to add it to my board.  Also, be sure to click on the board below to go straight to Pinterest to see my collection for the best breakfast egg recipes out there!  To see the most amazing Breakfast Recipes on Pinterest period, then CLICK HERE!!

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