Don’t Throw Away that Can Just Yet

I’m just as bad with throwing them away, but dang are there so many things to do with that empty can of Hunt’s tomatoes. Don’t throw it out just yet, because it can make one heck a good grease trap for your grill, and not-too-mention you can throw it away after it’s full. No Clean up!


To start, drill a few holes on each side of your empty 28 ounce can.


Next, trim down a wire hanger and using a wrench to curl up the ends to make sure it stays…


To finish off, hang it under your grill where there are perforations to catch all the grease and ash.


AND, that’s not all! You can use a separate empty can to hold your saucy goodness for basting while you’re grilling outside. Again, NO CLEAN UP :-). You’re welcome!


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