Dad’s Survival in the Kitchen

So I know it’s been a minute since I last wrote to you on here, but I have had a pretty solid excuse. My world was rocked a few weeks ago when my wife gave birth to our first child! There are really no words in the English language I can think of to describe such an amazing experience, but if I had to use just one word, I would say Holy. I mean the whole labor process Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 8.17.55 AMbelongs on the Science Fiction channel cause it’s absolutely nuts, and as a man there is nothing that prepares you for such an event, NOTHING!! For instance I had no idea the baby would be purple when it came out, had no clue there would be this white stuff called vernix all over my baby (as a chef I was convinced she was dredged in flour). Also, WHAT ON EARTH IS MECONIUM LOL?! I sure wish someone would have warned me about those diapers cause DANG! Needless-to-say I’m workin’ on something for all the soon to be dads or current dads, but for now let’s get back to the topic of this post, “dad’s survival in the kitchen.”


I know it will sound weird to you cause I am chef, but I seriously cook more now that I’m a dad then I ever did before.  I’ll say after watching my wife go through 9 months of pregnancy, 21 hours of labor, waking up every 2 hours to breast feed, I knew it was time to man up and the least I could do is feed the fam!  So what have I been doing exactly? I’ve been doing 90% of my prep every Sunday for about 20 minutes and when I get home from work everyday I 77897189spend 20 to 30 minutes cooking and that’s it! No, I’m not making Rice-A-Roni, I’m hooking up some sautéed herb and garlic marinated chicken with Italian style green beans. I’m making fish tacos with shredded cheddar, salsa, rice and beans. I’m takin’ care of business in the kitchen like no ones business! I don’t have a recipe in this blog post, although I have a ton HERE! What I am trying to tell you is to save some time during the week, eat a bit healthier, make your family happy and prep on Sundays. It’s really as simple as portioning and marinating meats and freezing them, while simply pulling out as much as you need to serve for dinner the night before. Also, make some killer spice blends, I have a few in my recipes because to be honest no one wants to eat the same flavors day after day. Lastly, for the side dishes I have just been cutting up some fresh squashes or green beans and sautéing them in a little garlic and herbs with a side of those great 90 second microwave packets of rice from Uncle Benny. Well it’s time to get back to the kid, and I promise I will write more about how dads can step it up in every area of the kitchen and life. God Bless!