Cooking Gifts

With the holiday gift giving season right around the corner, I figured I would give my two scents on what some cooking enthusiast may want as presents.  It’s kind of funny come Christmas time in my family, because I still have family members and friends that still ask if I need anything in my kitchen… Just as the ESPN NFL crew would say, “COME ON MAN!”  I have enough equipment to start a restaurant.. Seriously.  Unless of course someone wants to buy me a new set of Bob Kramer Shun knifes hint hint 🙂 Okay, enough about me, let’s talk about you.  Here is a list of cooking items I believe are necessity in your kitchen and can make fantastic gifts.  I feel you can cook most anything with these few items and if you have a questions about some other cooking gift ideas, please connect with me at and at

A good whisk

A Swiss peeler

A fish spatula

High temperature rubber scraper


A steel

A chef and pairing knife

A knife sharpner

Set of miscellaneous sized bowls

A good cutting board

Industrial pots and pans (they are the cheapest and best)


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