Comforting Noodles

I remember when I was very young living in Detroit, Michigan making homemade noodles in the basement of my Grandma’s house. She had pushed about 3 long tables together so we could roll out all of the fresh dough. I can’t quite recall what we did with all those noodles? Froze’em, put’em in pasta, heck that was way too long ago. I do however remember the taste of them and thinking how amazingly different they were than the pasta you get from the store. I’m not knockin’ the pasta at the store, because I buy it all the time, but I am just letting you know how different it really is. If you haven’t made homemade pasta at least once in your life I highly recommend doing so, because then you will actually know what pasta is supposed to taste like. Ok, moving on! There is something about noodles that is so comforting, kind of similar to soup, and in fact sometimes makes the soup! How much better is soup with noodles really? The best part of homemade chicken noodle soup is the noodles. The rice stick noodles in an Asian-Vegetable soup just completes it, even in a more profound way then Renee Zellweger completes Tom Cruise in Jerry Macguire! Or what about the way the linguine noodles soak up all that garlic-whitewine deliciousness in a Linguine White Clam Sauce? Seriously though, I could eat that stuff for days!! Pasta can be healthy too with some fresh veggies sauteed in some olive oil and simmered in a little chicken stock. The whole idea is to eat pasta in moderation, so don’t head to your local Olive Garden every night for the endless pasta special they have running, or else you may find your self in the gym pretty darn quick! Not-too-mention how many types of noodles are there?! Linguine, farfalle, soba, rice-stick, there are plenty to try and I want to inspire you to make your own noodles and if not, get creative with pasta! Don’t forget to catch up with me at and at

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