Chef Billy Parisi’s Coffee of the Month: Madcap

Since I am an avid coffee drinker I am going to test a new coffee every month and give you my review.  It starts this month (September) with Madcap “El Roble” Costa Rican coffee.  We visited Costa Rica a few years ago and fell in love with every coffee we (My wife and I) tried, and this is no different.  Tasting it brought back so many great memories of the forrest, the beach and the long walks.  This strong, yet smooth crisp coffee is so soothing and will wake you up ASAP if you need a good kick in the rear in the early A.M..  It has a deep body, cherry, orange and milk chocolate flavors that are delicious.  You can pick up a 1 pound bag for about $19 bones.  For more info see HERE.

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