Coffee of the Month Club: Ka’u Coffee

Coffee of the Month Club Ka'u Coffee

Coffee Description: Yes, it’s that time of month again already for my coffee of the month club, and this time its Rusty’s Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee!  Believe it or not as much coffee as I drink I don’t have a ton of experience with Hawaiian coffee other than world renowned Kona coffee.  I must say however, this may rival Kona as far as smoothness goes.  This is actually a pretty light coffee even for a medium roast and I am sure that is a huge reason for how smooth it is.  If you’ve read some of my other blogs on coffee, you’d know I LOVE DARK COFFEE.  If it isn’t as dark as motor oil then I don’t mess with it, BUT this was pretty stinkin’ tasty and I hooked up the wife with a cup of Ka’u with a chocolate creamer, and a little heavy cream (don’t tell her) and it legit tasted like hot chocolate!  She was immediately in love, and now that a kid is in the picture any coffee is good coffee!75677507

I actually brewed the coffee in a French Press so the grounds were fairly coarse and didn’t have that deep coffee color I so often desire.  So, after all this, let’s just call it what is, which is flippin’ GOOD!  Well they say you pay for quality, so expect to pay about $22 bones for 8 ounces of whole beans coffee, which I admit is a little steep, but it is well worth the try. describes the coffee fields and flavor as, “An unspoiled land, a sunny climate and misty afternoons give Ka’u coffee its characteristic deep flavors.  One esteemed coffee taster described Ka’u coffee as “the taste of chocolate, cherry, and coconut, accented with floral notes of orchid and citrus flowers.”  I would say they are spot on with the aromas, but I would need to brew a pot instead of pressing it to see if I can get those cherry-chocolate flavors.  Ka’u is certainly not my favorite coffee, but it’s far from the bottom of my list.  Lastly, the skinny metal canister that the coffee beans come in is really cool, you will dig it!  Pick up some of this Hawaiian goodness RIGHT HERE!!  Until next time, keep on sippin’ that Joe and Good Luck in the contest!