Chilled Soup??

Yes, Yes and Yes again!  I already know what you’re thinking here, “Who on earth eats cold soup?”  Well I can tell you that soup is probably my favorite course and I sure ain’t eating it hot when its 2,000 degrees outside!  Cold soup really offers up some great flavors, especially since produce is so so good through out those summer months.  Flavors just completely change when temperatures fluctuate.  Think about how different red wine tastes warm, at cellar temperature and ice cold, all three taste way different.  If you have your own garden than cold soups are certainly for you!  How about a chilled heirloom tomato and basil soup, or a hearty vegetable gazpacho?  You better send me some 🙂  Below are two chilled soups which are OH-SO-DELICIOUS and will have you saying, “NO WAY!”  If you make this soup, you better let me know about it at or at

Chilled Cucumber and Dill Soup


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