Chef Billy Parisi’s Jam of the Week: Gangnam Style – PSY

I’m not so sure I like the song as much as I throughly enjoy this music video.  Sure this song is a few months old, but the visual portion of this video is very addicting.  Every time you watch it you pick up something new, it’s hilarious.  It just made the top 10 most watched YouTube videos of all time at 450 million!  That’s a lot of views!  Watch this video BY CLICKING HERE or snag it up on iTunes BY CLICKING HERE.  I actually think this song is good for music, not so much the “musical” aspect as much as making it cool to do music videos again.  I sure hope this spurs the creativity of current musicians to get out there and make some ground breaking music videos so that MTV can actually go back to playing music and not tellings us about 16 year olds who are pregnant and don’t know it!   Enjoy the video!

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