Chef Billy Parisi’s Game of the week: LSU at Florida

It’s pretty much known that these two teams are ALL about defense and this game should be no different.  There aren’t many players on offense, or defense for that matter, that really stand out as house hold names.  Both these teams play amazing sound football on both sides and Florida is a completely different team than we saw last year.  Being a grad of MIZZOU, I can tell you first hand the SEC is no BS and the speed and the size of these players are significantly different than the rest of the country.  I mean there are 5 teams from the SEC in the top 15!  That’s sayin something!  Since home field advantage is HUGE in college football I’ll go with Florida because, are  you ready for this stat?! THEY ARE 117-16 AT HOME SINCE 1990!!! That is refreakingdiculous!  Florida Gators win at home 21-17 over the LSU Tigers!