Chef Billy Parisi’s Coffee of the Month: Paradise Roasters (Romance)

   This coffee is much lighter than I expected given the strong aroma it puts out.  I know I am often too  nice, but this coffee really is incredibly smooth and delicious.  The Romance by Paradise is so pale that I threw the first pot away because I thought I had messed up.  However it was I that didn’t know any better, and the coffee was just fine.  By just looking at the whole beans you can tell they were not roasted for very long, but don’t let the color fool you because this coffee is dang tasty.

Also cool that Paradise Roasters shows the date that the beans were roasted, and these suckers just got done toasting a few days ago.  This description from the website of the Romance is pretty dang accurate, “Crisp, sweetly pungent aroma: tart berry, lemon, nut, aromatic wood. In the cup delicately rich acidity, silky mouthfeel. Continued tart yet lushly sweet berry notes with a hint of earth complicate the aromatic wood notes. Long, flavor-saturated finish.”  In addition this coffee was rated at 94 points out of 100 back in 2010 and that alone should speak volumes.  If you are a morning blend, light roast type of person then don’t wait any longer, CLICK HERE and go purchase some.

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