Chef Billy Parisi’s Coffee of the Month: illy

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Never in my life have I tasted a stronger, smoother coffee than Illy.  I am not really partial to strong dark coffee, but I could sip this all day long and feel like I was drinking a light morning blend, that’s how smooth it was.  Best way to describe it is a deep coffee flavor with no bite.   I started by freshly grinding the beans and the steeping it in a Bialetti only to finish it off with frothed milk and a sugar swizzle stick.  I literally had a mini cafe going on in Casa de Parisi!  For all those black coffee drinkers, you can more than sip this without any milk and be 100% in love.  I was always told by many of my culinary friends that Illy was their favorite, and they weren’t lying.  I promise to do a new coffee every month, but for now Illy is the coffee to beat.   Pick some up by clicking HERE!

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